Breakthrough (Steiner: Das Eiserne Kreuz .2 Teil) is a 1979 war drama film directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and starring Richard Burton, Robert Mitchum, and Rod Steiger. It is a sequel to the 1977 Sam Peckinpah film, Cross of Iron.


After the events of the first film, Wehrmacht Sergeant Rolf Steiner (Burton, taking over the role from James Coburn) is reassigned to France after his failure to take down a Soviet T-34/76 tank.

When the Western Allies launched their invasion of Normandy, General Hoffmann (Curd Jürgens) sends Steiner on a mission to negotiate with American Colonel Rogers (Mitchum). Hoffman is a part of a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, and wishes to surrender to the Allies.

Why it Sucks

  1. Completely unnecessary. The original movie already has a closed ending, which heavily implies that the entire cast will inevitably be killed by Soviet forces who attacked their base.
  2. Missed the spirit of the first movie. It lacked the cynical and dreadful atmosphere from that movie, going as far as depicting the subplots from that movie as a comical running gag.
  3. Wasted talents that gave unbelievably poor and near-robotic performances, especially Burton.
  4. A ridiculous story with subplots that go nowhere.
  5. Non-existent production values, ranging from a lack of lighting and poorly-done battle scenes to awful cinematography and editing, making the movie feel like it was made for TV and not for theaters.
  6. Inappropriate soundtrack.
  7. Stock footage abuse from other movies, including the first film.