Cool Cat Saves the Kids is a 2014 children’s anti-bullying movie written and directed by Derek Savage, based on his children’s book series titled Cool Cat and is the fourth film in the series, this being the first feature length one. It serves as both a stand alone sequel and a reboot. The film has become infamous for its lack of quality due to its low budget, and is often grouped together along with other notoriously awful movies such as The Room and Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Since it's release, it has been grouped with some of the worst kids' films of all time. However, it has also gained a cult following.


A bright orange cat named Cool Cat is the "Coolest Cat in the World", and a blonde boy named Butch hates him for it. When Butch tries to bully Cool Cat and his army of friends, Cool Cat must stick up for himself and stop Butch.

Why it sucks

  1. Despite his supposed role of teaching kids how to deal with bullies, Cool Cat lacks proper characterization to be such an important character. He in fact is very immature since he cries when Butch the Bully destroys his sandcastle and runs across the street without looking both ways despite he said to do that.
  2. Cool Cat's costume looks downright terrifying when viewed from certain angles.
  3. Very confusing plot, which is a result of the movie being composed by three different short films linked together. For this reason the Gun Safety part seems patched into the movie out of nowhere.
  4. Amateurish and shoddy camera work. There are times where you can clearly see the cameraman's shadow or reflection off the glass doors.
  5. Shockingly bad editing. There are several scenes where the characters make mistakes, but these aren't cut from the film.
  6. Awful acting, especially from Cool Cat, Butch The Bully, and even Derek Savage.
  7. Dreadful and repetitive music.
  8. They only had enough money for one cat suit, which you can tell because when Cool Cat and his mom are "in the same room", you can notice that in the middle, a column of tiles are shorter than the rest, which is because they were filming at two different times and putting those two scenes together.
  9. The movie shows what seems to be beastiality, where Daddy Derek marries an animal.
  10. Laughable and nonsensical dialogue, such as Butch saying "I just punked her!", as well as the scene were Butch's partner says "Oh no, it's the police!", "We're in trouble!" and "Oh, my mama's gonna whoop me!". 
  11. Bad dubbing.  
  12. They restate everything at the end of the movie, which was also when they sort of sent the right message.  
  13. Lots of padding, such as the Hollywood parade that has nothing to do with the movie. There's also a scene where all Cool Cat does is name cars from various famous movies.
  14. Grammar mistakes, such as "KIDS LOVES COOL CAT!"
  15. One scene feels like it was made just to show off Savage's Van Halen-signed guitar.  
  16. Butch is such a bad villain that he yells out "I love being the bully!" and constantly says he's a bully in almost every scene he's in. In fact, he is a stereotype of bullies because he is very one dimensional and has no character development whatsoever.
  17. Misleading title. Cool Cat does not save any kids at all.  
  18. Wasted the talent of Erik Estrada.
  19. Horrible sound direction.

Copyright Controversy

After the film came out, several online critics bashed the movie for its poor acting, awful plot and annoying main character. The two most notable such reviews were by I Hate Everything (as part of his “The Search for the Worst” series) and YourMovieSucks. A few weeks after said videos were uploaded, Derek Savage had filed copyright claims against them for alleged “copyright infringement”, even though said videos were reviews, which are protected by Fair Use.

Not long after, Derek Savage then uploaded a video in which he tried to explain the difference between copyright infringement and Fair Use, which was hated immensely. In response, YMS uploaded a video refuting Savage’s claims.

On November 28th, IHE uploaded a video detailing the events that had transpired between him and Savage since his last video. According to IHE, Savage had impersonated attorneys from a law firm in order to manipulate him into removing several videos from his channel.

The reviews (including IHE and YMS' reviews) have since been reuploaded by others, notably Bobsheaux and Josiah Clarke. Corey's review was uploaded after the controversy.


  1. This movie is made of three 22-minute short films: Cool Cat Stops Bullying, Cool Cat in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and Cool Cat Finds a Gun. This could explain the inconsistency of the movie.


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