D-War (디워), also known as Dragon Wars in North America and War of the Dragons in Malaysia, is a 2007 fantasy action kaiju film by Shim Hyung-rae, loosely based on Korean mythology. It is the most expensive Korean film ever made in 2007.

The movie will receive a sequel, called D-War: Mysteries of the Dragon.


The Imugi are lesser dragons, that resemble giant serpents. Every 500 years, a Yeouiju is sacrificed so that one of the Imugis can become a true, celestial dragon. In 1500 AD, Buraki, a rogue Imugi, wants this power for himself. He orders his Atrox Army forces to attack a village and capture the Yeouiju; but before they can, she and her companion sacrifices themselves.

In the present day, the Yeouiju‘s companion is reincarnated as Ethan (Jason Behr), a reporter working in Los Angeles. The Yeouiju is also reincarnated as Sarah (Amanda Brooks). Seeing another chance at becoming a true dragon, Buraki launches an attack on LA with his Atrox Army, resulting with much death and destruction that leads to a final battle between the Buraki and another Imugi.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bad acting.
  2. Countless plot holes.
  3. Unintentionally hilarious and awkward dialogue/moments.
  4. The hero and the heroine leaves everyone else, including the supporting characters, to their deaths whenever the Buraki attacks.
  5. Shoe-horned romance between the aforementioned hero and heroine.
  6. Mindless and cheesy action scenes, despite the otherwise impressive CGI effects.
  7. Shamelessly rips off the Lord of the Rings films. The Atrox Army along with its leader wear costumes that are suspiciously similar from those movies and the last scene takes place in a Mordor-like landscape.
  8. Convoluted usage of Korean mythology, which could leave the movie‘s target audience lost and confused.


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