Doug's 1st Movie

Doug's 1st Movie (also known as Doug's First Movie) is a 1999 animated film based on the Disney version of the Nickelodeon television series Doug. The film was directed by Maurice Joyce, and stars the regular television cast of Tom McHugh, Fred Newman, Chris Phillips, Constance Shulman, Frank Welker, Alice Playten and Guy Hadley. It was produced by Jumbo Pictures and Buena Vista, and released by Walt Disney Pictures on March 26, 1999.


Doug and his friends find a "monster" living in the woods outside their town, but when they find the monster is actually kind of nice, they find themselves hunted by "bad guys" who want the monster. In addition, Doug has to compete for the attention of Patti Mayonnaise with a snobby 8th grader, Guy Graham. Will Doug get to take Patti to the Valentine's Day dance?

Bad Qualities

  1. Poorly written plot.
  2. Forgettable music.
  3. Little poor (but smooth) animation.
  4. Some of the scenes defy logic to some extent:
    1. The mayor never gets anything right.
    2. Roger and his goons build a "Robo-Crusher" and a shrinking ray, neither of which gets them any recognition or fame, nor do they try to use them to get famous. Also, Roger's friends repeatedly defy him for no apparent reason by building the Robo-Crusher to be much smaller than he wanted, shrinking him when he demands they make him a bigger one, and apparently programming the robot to be a harmless robot maid.
    3. Many of the students, as well as the school faculty, believe that Doug's monster (very poorly disguised as a girl) is an actual girl.
    4. An entire squad of armed soldiers show up at the dance in plain sight, and no one questions it.
  5. Overused pointless fantasy sequences of Doug that are dragged on for far too long.
  6. Infuriatingly dim-witted characters.
  7. In one scene, Doug and Skeeter look at a photo and then it dissolves to one second later. Why was the dissolve needed?
  8. The characters talk about the place the dance is being held called "Funky Town", but the "N" is barely audible, making it sound like a curse word.
  9. Despite the fantasy sequences, this movie feels out-of-pace by adding a monster in it due the actual TV show focusing on the realistic setting.
  10. Misleading title: It is the only Doug movie to be ever produced.

Good Qualities

  1. The ending isn't too bad.
  2. Like both TV shows, the voice-acting is good.
  3. There are no plot holes in the movie.
  4. Some of the animation is smooth.
  5. There are some genuinely funny moments:
    • The scene where Skeeter does his silly noises while he's being interviewed was entertaining
    • Another funny scene where Mr. Dink introduces Doug and Skeeter to his "Virtual Reality" which shows them standing in his living room.
    • To be fair, the robot scenes were pretty funny


  1. The movie was originally intended to be direct-to-video, however Disney decided to instead release it to cinemas.

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