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Dumb and Dumber To is the 2014 sequel to the 1994 hit film Dumb and Dumber. The film stars Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas and Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne from the first film.


Twenty years after the events of the first film, Lloyd Christmas has been committed at Baldy View Sanitarium, a mental institution, ever since his doomed romance with Mary Swanson (from the first film). During a recent visit, Harry Dunne discovers that Lloyd pranked him into thinking he was handicapped the entire time. They both laugh and head to their apartment, where Harry reveals one of his kidneys is bad and he needs a donor soon.

They go to Harry's old home, but Harry could not get a kidney from his parents since he was adopted. Harry's dad gives him his mail that has been piling up since he moved out. It includes a postcard from a former girlfriend, Fraida Felcher, dating back to 1991. It says she is pregnant and needs Harry to call. Fraida admits that she had a daughter named Fanny that she gave up for adoption. She wrote Fanny a letter, only for it to be returned and instructed to never contact her again.

Hoping she can provide a kidney, Lloyd and Harry decide to find Fanny and drive to Oxford, Maryland, where she now lives. Dr. Bernard Pinchelow and his wife Adele are the adoptive parents of Fanny, who has taken up the new name Penny. She is going to a KEN Convention in El Paso, Texas to give a speech on her father's life work. Penny is also given a package to be given to one of the convention heads, but the dim Penny ends up forgetting the package and her phone.

Adele is secretly trying to poison Bernard and Penny out of jealousy, with the help of her secret lover, the family's housekeeper, Travis Lippincott. Harry and Lloyd arrive to inform the Pinchelows of their situation, at which point Bernard realizes Penny left the package, which he says is an invention worth billions. Adele suggests that Harry and Lloyd deliver the package to Penny. So that he and Adele can get whatever is inside in the box, Travis goes along, but he becomes annoyed with the duo's antics, eventually deciding to kill them. Instead, a train collision kills Travis. Adele hears of the death from Travis's twin brother Captain Lippincott, a former military man who agrees to help her kill Harry and Lloyd.

The duo arrives safely in El Paso for the KEN Convention. While there, Harry impersonates Bernard, so he and Lloyd are invited to a seminar. They get into an argument when Harry discovers that Lloyd has developed a romantic attraction to Penny. After being escorted out of the convention due to not being on the attendance list, Lloyd gets a call from Penny to arrange a meeting after informing Penny that he is in town with her dad. They head to a restaurant, where Lloyd deduces he, not Harry, is the real biological father of Penny.

Adele arrives at the convention with Lippincott and exposes Harry as a fraud, telling the convention heads he is not her husband and lies that he stole the package. Fraida also arrives and tampers with the fire alarm as a diversion after she and Penny are denied entry, causing everybody to exit. Harry runs into Fraida and Penny, only to have Lippincott and Adele draw guns on them. The villains corner the trio in a bathroom. When Lloyd returns, Lippincott and Adele are about to shoot, but three FBI agents bust in with a healthy-looking Bernard, who knew that Adele was trying to poison him, and he reveals that it was Adele who wrote "do not contact again" on the letter, not Penny. The package he gave Penny included only cupcakes, and that there was never priceless invention. In retaliation, Adele attempts to shoot Penny, but Harry jumps in front of the bullet and is severely injured. Adele and Lippincott are arrested.

Harry is rushed to the hospital, where he reveals that he was pranking Lloyd about needing a kidney and both laugh. Harry and Lloyd are told by Fraida that neither is Penny’s father and that her biological father is a dead high school friend of theirs named Pete "Pee-Stain" Stainer. As the duo leave El Paso, they spot two women walking in their direction and they shove both women into a bush as a joke. They run off and high-five each other.

Bad Qualities

  1. Twenty years is too late for a sequel to a smash-hit comedy.
  2. Harry and Lloyd act like mean-spirited jerks throughout almost the entire film.
  3. Bill Murray, who is usually funny, has a pointless cameo appearance and he sounds bored out of his mind.
  4. Unfunny jokes, primarily fart jokes (including a scene where Butthole farts out feathers), sexist jokes, racist jokes, etc.
  5. There's an offensive scene against people with autism where Lloyd makes fun of a person with Aspergers and calls it "ass-burgers".
  6. One scene rips off older episodes of The Simpsons when Harry and Lloyd glow green after getting covered in nuclear waste.
  7. The crude humor is more crude than the amount seen in the first film.
  8. Kathleen Turner has a pointless cameo. Generally her roles are awesome, but in this film, she looks bored out of her mind (probably from how bad it was being in the 1999 film Baby Geniuses even fifteen years later she sounds bored out of her mind).
  9. Warner Bros. Pictures refused to distribute the movie, even though it owns New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures does the distribution instead. However, despite the fact that Universal Pictures distributed the film, New Line Cinema was credited for distribution of the first film.

Good Qualities

  1. It's nice having Harry and Lloyd come back.
  2. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels still give good performances.
  3. The beginning of the film takes place at the same place where the first film took place.
  4. Billy the blind kid returns, which was good to see him in.
  5. Harry has a new pet cat named Butthole.
  6. There's a new bad guy.
  7. The film is still somewhat better than Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.
  8. The scene with Floyd in the hospital where it's revealed to be a prank is funny.


The film met with primarily negative reviews from critics and audiences. The film currently holds a 30% “rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes with a critic consensus that reads "Dumb and Dumber To does have its moments, but not enough of them -- and the Farrelly brothers' brand of humor is nowhere near as refreshingly transgressive as it once seemed."

Box Office

The film had a budget of $50 million and made $169.8 million.


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