Elf Bowling: The Movie (full name: Elf Bowling the Movie: The Great North Pole Elf Strike) is a 2007 Christmas computer-animated comedy film which was been based a the video game of the same name.


Santa and his brother, Dingle, are pirates roaming the open sea. After getting kicked off their ship by their own crew, they become trapped in ice and don't thaw out until they reach the north pole. There, they meet elves who recognize Santa as the prophesied "white beard" and ask him to lead their factory. The elves already had been making toys, but they didn't have anything to do with them, so they kept them in storage. Santa had the idea of giving the toys to the world's children, and thus, Christmas is born. After 600 years, Santa becomes sick of his brother Dingle loafing around in his apartment and insists that he leave. This upsets Dingle, so he plots against Santa in order to take over Christmas from him. He challenges Santa to a game of Elf Bowling, but after the elves discover he cheated, his plan is foiled. He then tricks Santa into getting frozen, and writes a fake note about how Santa hates the elves and is leaving. This upsets the elves, and Dingle uses the opportunity to make them follow him on a trip to Fiji. After Santa's wife finds him, Santa must get back to the elves in order to save Christmas. While Dingle hypnotized the elves, Santa figured out a way to reverse the process, thwarting Dingle's plan and saving Christmas.

Why it Sucks

  1. Desperate, almost insulting disconnection to the Santa Claus mythology from having Santa's favorite food be strudel to having him portrayed as a Pirate Captain for a true identity.
  2. Poor humor, focusing on mostly slapstick, like Dingle slapping the penguins with fish or the elves making arm-pit farts.
  3. Poor connection to the source material (what little there is anyway).
  4. Horrendous CGI animation.
  5. Dingle constantly cheats throughout the film and barely has a character to begin with.
  6. It introduces some of the main characters way too late in the movie.
  7. Awful voice acting with pirate lingo.
  8. Another crucial plot point is a magic orb that has powers that are usable, but happens at complete random.
  9. Numerous plot holes (Santa wouldn't have been able to produce enough toys if not for Dingle hypnotizing the elves).
  10. Really out-of-nowhere moments, like two giant walking and talking Easter Island heads.


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