Freddy Got Fingered is a 2001 American comedy film directed, co-written by, and starring Tom Green. The film follows Green as a 28-year-old slacker who wishes to become a professional cartoonist. The film's plot resembles Green's struggles as a young man trying to get his TV series picked up, which would later become the popular MTV show The Tom Green Show. The film was critically panned at the time of its release, with many considering it one of the worst films of all time.


Unemployed 28-year-old cartoonist Gordon "Gord" Brody leaves his parents' home in Portland, Oregon to pursue his lifelong ambition of obtaining a contract for an animated television series. His parents give him a car in which he drives to Los Angeles and starts work at a cheese sandwich factory. Gord shows his drawings to Dave Davidson, the CEO of a major animation studio; Davidson tells him that the artwork is not bad, but that the concepts depicted, including a vigilante "X-Ray Cat", are nonsensical. Disheartened, Gord quits his job and returns to his parents.

Gord's father Jim constantly insults and belittles him following his return, telling him to forget about being an animator and "get a job." When Gord pressures his friend Darren into skating on a wooden half-pipe he has built outside the Brody home, Darren falls and breaks his leg. At the hospital Gord impersonates a doctor, delivers a baby and meets an attractive wheelchair-bound nurse named Betty, who has an obsessive penchant for fellatio and an ambition to create a rocket-powered wheelchair. Jim also disparages Betty. After a heated display, Jim smashes Gord's half-pipe, and Gord and his parents go to a family therapy session. There, Gord falsely accuses Jim of "fingering" Gord's younger brother, Freddy. The 25-year-old Freddy is sent to a home for sexually molested children while Gord's mother Julie leaves Jim, and ends up dating Shaquille O'Neal. While in a drunken stupor, Jim tells Gord how much of a disappointment he is to him. Affected by Jim's words, Gord decides to abandon his aspirations to be a cartoonist and gets a job at a local sandwich shop.

After seeing a television news report on Betty's successful rocket-powered wheelchair, Gord is inspired to pursue his dreams once again. He returns to Hollywood with a concept based on his relationship with his father: an animated series called Zebras in America. While Gord is pitching this to Davidson, Jim bursts in and trashes Davidson's office. Thinking Jim's actions are part of Gord's pitch, Davidson greenlights Zebras in America and gives Gord a million-dollar check. Gord spends a quarter of that money to thank Betty elaborately for inspiring him, and the remainder to relocate the Brody house to Pakistan with his unconscious father inside, as a response to Jim's earlier put-down that "If this were Pakistan, you would have been sewing soccer balls when you were four years old!"

Gord and Jim soon come to terms, but are then abducted and held hostage by terrorists. The kidnapping becomes a news item, as Gord's series has already become popular. After 18 months in captivity, Gord and Jim return to America, where a huge crowd welcomes them home.

Why it Sucks

  1. Poorly written story.
  2. Extremely vulgar humor.
  3. The film contains extreme amount of gross out humor, it's so extreme that it makes Ren and Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" and South Park look like Sesame Street, making the film inappropiate for all ages (i.e. extreme amounts of gore, animal abuse and incredibly horrifying deaths).
  4. The acting is bad and hammy, but Tom Green's acting is just flat-out abysmal.
  5. Poorly written dialogue.
  6. Gord is very childish and extremely unlikable.
  7. It makes Rip Torn look like a cringeworthy actor!
  8. The infamous scene where Gord hangs sausages all over the living room and plays the piano badly, whilst singing "Daddy, would you like some sausage?" in a very irritating voice.
  9. The "backwards man" scene made no sense of any kind.
  10. Flat characterization, especially with Gord.
  11. The poster for this movie looks ridiculous.
  12. Gord tends to say things twice which is excruciating and annoying (eg. "You hear the funny sounds? You hear the funny sounds? It's my hooves. It's my hooves.")
  13. The scene where Gord plays with a horse's penis and says "I'm a farmer!" was both cringeworthy and horrendous. The same thing can be said when he plays with an elephant’s penis.
  14. The cartoons that Gord drew look poorly drawn.
  15. The scene where Gord helps deliver a baby is absolutely disgusting.
  16. The running gag which sees a boy repeatedly getting injured and then killed in a gory fashion is possibly one of the cruelest gags to ever be put into a film.
  17. The title is misleading, given Freddy is only in the film for about 5 minutes, and doesn't get assaulted. The film focuses on Gord pursuing his dream to be a cartoonist.
  18. The film is highly disrespectful to the disabled and mentally handicapped.
  19. Jim is an unlikable character, he is unrealistically violent and trigger happy, especially for a cliche "not proud father".

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The film is at least unique.
  2. It's also gained a cult following in recent years.
  3. The “backwards man” and “Daddy would you like some sausage” songs spawned Internet memes.


The film currently holds an 11% on Rotten Tomatoes with a critic consensus stating, "Unfavorably comparing it with such infamously bad titles as Battlefield Earth, a significant number of critics are calling Tom Green's extreme gross-out comedy the worst movie they have ever seen." On Metacritic, based on 25 reviews, it holds a 13/100, meaning "overwhelming dislike". Roger Ebert named it his worst film of 2001, awarded the film a zero star rating and stated in his review "This movie doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn't the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn't below the bottom of the barrel. This movie doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels." His co-critic, Richard Roeper stated that Tom Green was a poor comedian and later added that he "should be flipping burgers somewhere."

Box Office

Freddy Got Fingered opened at #5 on its opening weekend with a domestic gross of $7,098,459. The total domestic gross would later be $14,254,993. In overseas markets, it made $78,259. Overall, the film made $14,333,252 against its $14 million budget and was labeled a box office bomb. Despite failing at the box office, the film did better on VHS and DVD.

Awards and nominations

The film won five Golden Raspberry Awards out of eight nominations including Worst Picture and it also won a Worst Picture Award at the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards.


  • On March 22, 2016, James Meyers, from Concord, North Carolina, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for failing to return a VHS copy of Freddy Got Fingered that had been borrowed in 2002 from a now-defunct video rental store. Tom Green offered to pay the related fines, if they were not "an outrageous sum".
  • In a November 2017 interview, Tom Green stated that one of the reasons why his film failed was because more people were seeing Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and then sneaking in to see his film.
  • This was Tom Green's first and only film as a writer and a director.


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