G-Saviour (Gセイバー, Jī-Seibā) is a 2000 live-action made-for-TV mecha action movie based on the Gundam franchise.

The movie was poorly received by filmgoers and Gundam fans alike to the point that Sunrise, the franchise‘s owners have deemed it non-canon and pretended that it never existed.


Universal Century 0223. 70 years after the downfall of the Zanscare Empire, the Earth Federation has collapsed and replaced by the Congress of Settlement Nations, who sought to control all of the space colonies by covering up the existence of a bioluminescent enzyme that could feed the colonists, who are starving to death.

Former CONSENT pilot Mark Curran (Brennan Elliot) finds himself back in action when he rescues the enzyme‘s inventor, Dr. Graves (Enuka Okuma). He decides to fight alongside anti-CONSENT rebels by piloting the titular mobile suit (mecha): G-Saviour.

Why It Sucks

  1. Has barely anything to do with Gundam, let alone the Universal Century timeline.
  2. The titular mobile suit doesn‘t appear until 50 minutes into the movie, which runs for at least 90 minutes.
  3. A weak and clichè storyline that also has a couple of plot holes.
  4. Extremely forgettable and poorly written characters, which is simply a far-cry from the rest of the franchise.
  5. The action is too slow-paced by Gundam standards.
  6. Some of the movie‘s sets are poorly lit to the point that you can barely see.
  7. Extremely obvious and cheap-looking CGI.
  8. Lackluster soundtrack which has been compared (rather unfavorably) to Power Rangers.

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