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God's Not Dead is a 2014 American Christian drama film directed by Harold Cronk and starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, David A. R. White and Dean Cain. The film was produced by Pure Flix Entertainment and released in theaters on March 21, 2014.


Radisson finds the topic of religion painful because his Christian mother died when he was 12, though he had prayed and begged God to spare her life. This may be what led him to study philosophy so in-depth that he ultimately became a philosophy professor, but his desire to now avoid the topic of religion does not mesh well with his career as a philosophy professor. His anger at God has him requesting his students quote Friedrich Nietzsche and, in exchange, he promises to allow them to skip the chapter on religion. This is not the only clue the movie makers give that they have read atheist material extensively. Radisson tells Josh that if he won't reach a consensus with the class, he must prove God is not dead. Radisson had already explained this was a metaphor and, taken in the context of Nietzsche's point, Josh does an excellent job of proving this. Radisson promises Josh that he will keep his comments to a minimum (Radisson won't debate Josh), though Josh begins his argument practically begging for the most common atheist argument when he says "I say you can't prove God does not exist". Radisson promised he would not debate Josh, and he keeps this promise. We are given more clues as to why when we discover Radisson married a Christian and his hostility towards God roots from his love for his Christian mother.

Why it Sucks

  1. Simply too preachy, going as far to say that all atheists are bad people and that Christians are the only good people in the planet, this can get extremely racist and offensive to people that believe on non-Christian religions (ex. Buddist people and Muslims).
  2. Uninspired, one-note characters.
  3. Christian-movie clichés and the rest of the writing is very poor.
  4. Characters made out of The Robertsons and The Newsboys are so unnecessary, that they don't even feel like cheap cameos. They feel like less than cheap cameos.
  5. Our main characters are extremely unlikable. Professor Radisson is stubborn and bitter, trying to enforce his beliefs on random students. Josh Wheaton is so melodramatic, you feel sorry for him rather than care about him.
  6. The plot actually seems to be stolen from the most infamous Family Guy episode of them all, Not All Dogs Go To Heaven. An atheist is alienated from a community of religious people, who are portrayed as bigoted idiots.
  7. And talking about reason 5, Radisson is the main antagonist of the film, because all what he wants is to see all Christian students be atheists. This is opinion disrespecting.
  8. Above this, when Radisson dies at the end of the film, Revered Dave and Reverend Jude claim that he should regret his actions, when HE REGRETTED HIS ACTIONS AFTER READING A LETTER AND INSTEAD OF TAKING HIM TO THE HOSPITAL TO TREAT THIS WOUNDS, THEY TRY TO FORCE HIM TO BE CHRISTIAN.
  10. They declare that Radisson is the main villain of the film for being atheist, when actually HE BELIEVED IN GOD.
  11. Poor acting.
  12. Talking about Ayisha, her dad throws her to the streets for not following her family's beliefs and is unknown how she still keeps maintaining her College and where she's living after that, it's never explained.
  13. How did Aysha's brother know what the Corinthians are? He's just a 10 year-old looking child.
  14. Some sub-plots basically lead to nothing, like Martin and his relationship with his family or Reverend Dave, Reverend Jude, Amy, Mina and Mark's plots.
  15. Reverend Dave and Reverend Jude repair their car, just by praying. Yes they prayed and their car was magically repaired.
  16. This movie would have been different and better or simply prevented if Josh simply had gone with the school's principal to accuse Raddison with the principal, because he's being racist to Christian people or simply had unsubscribed to the subject and find other with a better teacher, but no.
  17. Despite Martin and his dad being Chinese, they don't speak the same Chinese: one speaks Cantonese and the other Mandarin.
  18. They try to portray that Mark (Who is acted by Dean Cain) as a Lex Luthor-like businessman (notice the irony), because (again he's atheist, and in this world all atheists are bad) he simply doesn't want to see his mom, who suffers Alzheimer's, when actually this is comprehensible. The only bad thing that can considered as bad is when he breaks with his girlfriend Amy, just for being diagnosed with Cancer.
  19. And the most important question: Why God, an Omnipotent, Omnibenevolent being, the incarnation of all the good and most powerful being, needs a mortal to defend Him? Josh mentioned that he felt that God needed somebody to defend Him, that's basically a big ego! No wonder why Kara broke up with him!
  20. Also how did the Newsboys discover about Josh's and Raddison's debate?
  21. Many potential chances wasted like: "How being focused in just one religion and not letting others profess their own religion can make people hurt even it's your loved-ones", "Good and Bad people aren't exempt of receiving disgraces" or "Having a perfect life is not a motive for being bad". But all of them were badly executed.
  22. This film even has a sequel that was made 2 years later after this film and they're even planning a third sequel.
  23. Extremely offensive to not only Atheists, Muslims, and non-Christians but Christians as well.
  24. It's so bad that it was never released in the Middle East, because many Muslims found it to be extremely offensive.


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