Home on the Range is a 2004 American animated musical western comedy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The 45th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, it was the last 2D animated Disney film until The Princess and the Frog was released in 2009. Named after the popular country song of the same name, Home on the Range features the voices of Roseanne Barr, Judi Dench, Jennifer Tilly, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Randy Quaid, and Steve Buscemi.


Alameda Slim, a wanted cattle rustler, uses an alias to buy up properties all over western Nebraska, and his next target is the Patch of Heaven dairy farm, where the widow owner cares more for her 'family' of yard animals's welfare then for profit, so she just hasn't got the cash to keep in business. The other animals, mainly carefree youngsters, being unable, three cows of very different temperament and manners rise to the desperate occasion and set out to do battle for their dream home, teaming up unnaturally with each-other, the sheriff's megalomaniac horse and any other animal who can possibly help, even a crazy lucky rabbit and an invincible buffalo, hoping to beat the crook to the Patch's auction, or anything it takes...

Why it Sucks

  1. Annoying, unlikeable and obnoxious characters, the worst is the main antagonist Alameda Slim and the protagonist Maggie.
    • Speaking of characters, they were mean-spirited and rude. The only nice ones were Grace, Audrey and Lucky Jack.
  2. Badly done voice acting (We all know that this movie takes place is the Old West/Southern States, but hillbilly accents are annoying!).
  3. Reused animation where the animals are dancing around and is used over and over again.
  4. The jokes are very weak.
  5. The chase scene almost in the end has the same problem of The Magic Voyage and Felix the Cat: The Movie, where it is just constant noise without any purpose.
  6. Lack of creativity, spontaneity, passion and effort just pure phoned-in-ness as Nostalgia Critic decribes.
  7. A scene where Slim pulls out a gun.
  8. Pitifully standard story.
  9. It gets boring pretty quickly.
  10. Forgetable songs (Though "Little Patch of Heaven" was nice, though).
  11. When he's first introduced, Slim is built up to be threatening, and then he starts yodeling.
  12. The female characters dress (slightly) earlier than in the time the movie takes place (possibly the 1870s to late 19th Century).
  13. Raunchy aspects in a G-rated picture (Home On the Range), such as a fly staring at Maggie's udders/butt, Steers harassing the protagonists and a bandit carrying a knife to deal with enemies.
  14. After the film is release when the negative reviews from many people where it almost kills Walt Disney Aniamtion which it lead to an five-year hiatus and release of the last two hand-drawn film known as The Princess and the Frog in 2009 and Winnie the Pooh in 2011.

Redeemable Qualities

  1. The animation is nice,(even though the characters move at a fast pace), the animation also captures the wilderness of the wild west and the timeline.
  2. Even if the songs are forgettable, there are a few good ones like (again) Little Patch of Heaven and Will the Sun Ever Shine Again.
  3. Passable actresses and actors like Jennifer Tilly as Grace, Steve Buscemi as Wesley, Judi Dench as Mrs. Calloway, and a few others.
  4. Rather if the jokes are weak, at least there are some funny moments
  5. Some enjoyable action scenes.
  6. The costumes look good.

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