Leo the Lion is an 2013 Italian computer-animated movie. It follows Leo, a vegetarian lion, on his quest to find himself.


Leo's mother dies by falling over a waterfall on the day he goes for his first hunt. After that traumatic experience, he develops a fear for water and becomes a vegetarian. Being bullied by the other lions, he leaves them and starts living in a tree. One day he meets a female elephant, Savannah and helps her deliver her twin baby elephants. It is later mentioned that her husband, Eli Phant, was killed by humans. However, it is revealed that he was actually murdered by Maximus Elefante. After the delivery, the little cubs consider him to be their father and follow him constantly. When Leo decides to find the "Heart of the Jungle", a place Leo's mother once told him about before she died, he is accompanied by the elephants and Uncle Lope, a gazelle. They meet many other young animals on their quest, such as a young zebra. After having lots of adventures, they eventually find the Heart of the Jungle, which is also the home of a female chameleon. The latter allows to two orphans, a leopard and a monkey, to stay in her place. On the way back, Maximus, who was following the company, finds the two baby elephants, kidnaps them and later claims he saved them from Leo, the "evil" lion. Maximus then tries to marry Savannah, but Leo turns up at the last moment and stops the wedding. Suddenly, a helicopter appears, shoots Maximus and kills him. The movie finishes by showing Leo talking to his children, two elephant/lion hybrids.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor animation.
  2. Creepy-looking character designs like the elephant/lion hybrid cubs seen at the end of the movie. The designs of the backgrounds are also very dull.
  3. Maximus Elefante kills Eli Phant for no apparent reason besides marrying his wife, which is a pretty violent thing to do.
  4. Plot holes everywhere.
  5. Awful songs and repetitive background music that just loops until the scene ends.
  6. There are two monkeys who make an introduction to Leo and then appear briefly in random scenes, serving a filler role.
  7. The chameleon in the "Heart of the Jungle" changes heads while singing, which is just scary.
  8. Rancid morals: The movie tries to tell people that vegetarians are normal while Leo is unhealthily skinny and looks underfed. His mane also looks like as if he were anaemic.
  9. The movie looks like a blatant rip-off of The Lion King.
  10. The English dub wastes the talent of Matthew Mercer, Debi Derryberry, and Cristina Pucelli who voice McCree from Overwatch, Jimmy Neutron from Jimmy Neutron, and Luan Loud from The Loud House, respectively.
  11. Bad lip-syncing.