Mulan 2 is a 2004 American direct-to-video Disney animated film directed by Darrell Rooney and Lynne Southerland and is a sequel to the 1998 film Mulan.


Mulan and Shang are about to get married but Mushu fears he will lose his job when Mulan is accepted into Shang's family. Then, the Emperor discovers that the Monguls are planning to attack so he calls up Mulan, Shang and Mulan's three army friends Yao, ling, and Chien-Po to escort three princesses Mei, Su, and Ting-Ting, to a neighboring kingdom so an alliance can be formed. But during their journey, Mushu attempts to break up Mulan and Shang while the princesses find love with the army buddies.

Why is sucks

  1. It's a direct-to-video sequel, so the quality has been downgraded.
  2. It's a sequel to a Disney classic.
  3. Mushu goes from a likeable comic relief into a selfish, despicable jerk who focuses more on himself. Plus, Eddie Murphy didn't return to voice him.
  4. The plot is nowhere near as exciting as the first movie.
  5. Some very awkward expressions (especially from Shang when he yells at Mulan).
  6. Some songs are repeated from the first movie while the new ones are very poorly-written (except for Lesson Number One)
  7. The characters (except for the army buddies and princesses) are unlikeable.
  8. The ending seemingly dooms China. Mushu tries to redeem himself by releasing the princesses from their vows. But then there's no alliance! The Monguls are going to attack and the two kingdoms can't fight them together. China is doomed without any acknowledgment just so everyone can marry for true love.

Redeeming factors

  1. Lesson Number One is the only good song.
  2. The voice actors do a good job.
  3. The animation is nice but it's an insult that it was wasted on something like this.
  4. The scenes with the army buddies and princesses falling in love are nice at times.

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