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3 unnecessary sequels to an okay film. WHY?!

Open Season 2-4: Scared Silly are sequels to the CGI movie Open Season by Sony Pictures Animation (in ownership of Columbia Tristar/Sony) throughout 2008-2015.

Why They All Suck

  1. Truly incomplete Ugly animation.
  2. Mr. Weenie's outtakes look like they were done on purpose.
  3. Very bad voice acting from untalented voice actors that try way too hard to sound like the characters' original voice actors.
  4. The characters are very juvenile.
  5. While the original Open Season may have its inappropriate moments of toilet humor and sex jokes in a kids' film, they are at least weak and somewhat funny. In the sequels however, they are very inappropriate.
  6. The songs are terrible (according to Matthew Davis IGUA, all the main characters cannot sing).
  7. Unreasonable age restrictions given by Boog (Open Season 3).
  8. In Open Season 2, they made a freaking poodle the main antagonist!
  9. It panders the very young demographics.
  10. No sense of creativity.
  11. They're completely silly, and not in a good way.
  12. They're completely rushed.
  13. They're utterly meaningless!
  14. They give the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs/Hotel Transylvania films a run for their money in terms of bad Sony Pictures Animation films.

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