Believe in Santa

Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa is a musical CGI Christmas TV movie from Wolf Tracer Studios Inc. and J Rose Productions and produced by Colin Slater that aired on The WB on November 25, 2002. It was never aired again after that due to it being critically panned. As a result, it was lost for 13 years until Dycaite, owner of the Lost Media Wiki, managed to secure a copy from the producer (who charged him twice for it and tried to claim he "didn't own the film").


Nicole, a spoiled and cynical girl, receives a teddy bear as a gift from her classmate Ricky. Nicole sees no value in the bear and trashes it. When she learns the sentiments behind the gift and the "true meaning of Christmas", Nicole and her friends attempt to hunt down the trashed stuffed animal before it's too late.

Why It Sucks

  1. Very appalling animation quality, especially the characters' movements.
  2. Atrocious CGI. The character models are blocky and look unfinished with awkward, creepy facial expressions. The backgrounds also look really ugly, and some background elements are just pasted-in two-dimensional images.
  3. The lip-syncing is very poor.
  4. An unoriginal storyline that is typical of many Christmas movies.
  5. Terrible dialogue.
  6. Misleading title. It's about believing in Santa Claus, but the character questioning his existence isn't the main character and the story is mostly about Nicole realign the true meaning of Christmas.
  7. Stereotypical characters.
  8. The camera movements and angles are very inconsistent and jerky.
  9. Horrible editing.
  10. Unbearable background music.
  11. Lame songs.
  12. Bizarre ending.
  13. Loads of filler.
  14. The opening credits' font is Comic Sans.
  15. In one scene, one of the girls is touched by one of the bullies and when she tells Ms. Parmington, she says that it means he "likes" her which is sends out the wrong message.
  16. One character, Grandma, speaks in a jumbled up and backwards manner, yet the characters can all understand her.
  17. Another character, Smithy, is shown to have a misogynistic attitude towards females, which also sends out a wrong message.
  18. Poor acting.
  19. The film wastes (and overuses) the voice talents of great voice actors and actresses including Walter Jones, Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel from The Little Mermaid), Paige O'Hara, Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), Grey DeLisle, April Winchell, Debra Wilson, Jack Angel, Clint Howard, and Mark Hamill (who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films). The latter only appears in two scenes with only eight lines.
    1. On that topic, Nancy Cartwright somehow got a credit as producer.
  20. Many animation errors:
    1. In one scene, Lenee’s father blinks and you can see through his eyelids.
    2. Also in another scene, Ms. Parmington tells the students to sit down yet they stand up the whole time they are in class.
    3. When Lenee and her sister go to see the horse they got for Christmas, Lenee’s legs dissolve through her skirt.
    4. In the opening scene with Ricky, when he walks, his feet constantly dip past the ground.
    5. In another two scenes, Lenee's mother's hair clips through her shoulders.
    6. In many scenes, when one character moves, the others stand frozen and still.
    7. In one of the ending scenes, Lenee's underwear is outside her skirt.
    8. When the characters walk in the snow they leave no footprints.
    9. The circular objects in the movie barely even look like circles and more like flat cut-outs.
    10. On the school marquee, they misspelt the word “excellence”.
  21. The film is called Rapsittie Street Kids yet only one raps through out the entire movie, so the title and the rapping are completely pointless.
  22. The director, Colin Slater is an infamous online scam artist who, among other things, charged the owner of the Lost Media Wiki twice for the print of the film.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some unintentionally funny moments, such as when Smithy tackles one of the bullies.
  2. Some likable characters like Ricky and Lenee.
  3. The line: "Shut that door!" is very catchy.


  • The movie was going to get an Easter-themed sequel. During the end credits, Lenee's little sister says "Don't forget to see me in The Bunny's Tale!", but it was cancelled due to the movie's poor critical reception.
  • The poor quality animation was likely a result of wasting almost the entire $500,000 budget on voice actors and not outsourcing the animation.
  • According to one of the producer's daughter, Grandma wasn't supposed to speak the way she does, and it appears to be a result of using corrupted audio recording files and not bothering to check the result.


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