Ratatoing is a 2007 Brazilian rip-off of Ratatouille made by the infamous mockbuster animation studio Video Brinquedo.


In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (unlike Ratatouille, which took place in Paris, France) Marcel Toing's restaurant Ratatoing is very well-regarded among the customers who eat there. But when a gang of evil rats try to steal his recipes, Marcel and his friends try to drive out his rivals out of business by sending them to a laboratory where they'll be experimented on by the scientists working there.

Why it Sucks

  1. As mentioned earlier, this film rips off Pixar's Ratatouille, which was released the same year as this movie.
  2. Horrible and ugly animation, as is expected with anything by Video Brinquedo.
  3. The first 12 minutes are taken up by repetitive, annoying dialogue of how much the customers like Marcel's food.
  4. Horrible and annoying voice acting.
  5. The English dub makes the original Brazilian version even worse due to inserting random and loud noises inserted in almost every scene that were originally meant to be silent.
  6. Marcel is an absolutely unlikable hero. Not only does he drive his rivals out of business, but he also sends them to a laboratory where they're subsequently experimented on by scientists (despite this, at the end one of the villains says that the captured rats have been treated well by the scientists working there, but we never see any evidence of this on-screen to confirm it).
  7. Two-thirds of the film are loaded with filler that adds nothing to the plot. Also, scenes are repeated unnecessarily and for no reason. For example, an out-of-nowhere action montage of the main characters getting ready for their mission is played three times in a row with no alterations. A scene of the group moving through a door is played three times in the movie.
  8. Weird and downright annoying moments. For example, after the villains come up with their evil plans, they all dance together, annoyingly saying "ha-ha" over and over again until one of them scares a human woman. None of this is ever brought up again.
  9. Little-to-no story.
  10. Terrible script writing.
  11. The cat. Period.
  12. The film's ending is so mean-spirited that it gives Chicken Little a run for its money. Marcel sends his business rivals off to a laboratory where they'll be experimented on by scientists, a very harsh punishment considering what they did wasn't actually that bad.


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