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Saving Christmas (AKA: Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas) is a 2014 American faith-based comedy movie directed by Darren Doane, written by Doane with Cheston Hervey and Starring Kirk Cameron, Doane, Bridgette Ridenour, David Shannon, Raphi Henly, and Ben Kientz. The movie was released by on November 14th 2014, for a two-week limited engagement.


After explaining why he loves everything about Christmas, Kirk takes his brother-in-law, Christian, on a tour to convince him that various popular elements of Christmas are biblical. The film combines a comedic narrative with educational elements, in order to "put Christ back in Christmas." The two then return home for the remainder of the family Christmas party.

Why It Sucks

  1. Very bad, even forced acting.
  2. Lazy attempts at humor with call-outs at Christmas to be insulting for the sake of being insulting.
  3. A poor script full of propaganda.
  4. Downright bizarre arguments created by Kirk trying to connect certain aspects of Modern Day Christmas to Jesus time.
  5. Basically says that the materialism of the Christmas season is okay, even portraying Kirk's brother-in-law Christian being in the wrong somehow for refusing to accept the materialism of the holiday. Even ironically is one (Greed) of Seven Sins.
  6. Poor production values.
  7. Very inappropriate - most blatantly, it's supposedly a family picture, but gives quite some attention to Herod's Massacre of the Innocents.
  8. Most characters are shallow. The characters that do get developed are written horribly.
  9. Kirk Cameron reacted very negatively to the negative reviews, denouncing the movie's critics as trolls and atheists, which only made him look like a jerk.
  10. Very misleading poster making itself out to look like an action comedy film, which it is not.
  11. Terrible soundtrack
  12. Christian's spiritual crisis is resolved with nearly a third of the movie still left to go, and everything at this point is just padding.


Saving Christmas was reviewed abysmally and is (loosely) considered to be one of the worst movies of all time. The film received a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It was nominated in 6 categories for the 35th Golden Raspberry Awards and won 4, including Worst Picture. Three weeks after its release, the movie gained additional notoriety when it became the lowest rated film on IMDb's Bottom 100 list. The film is so far the only Christmas film to win the Golden Raspberry Award.

Kirk Cameron's Reaction

Kirk Cameron reacted very negatively to the reception of the movie. He pleaded his fans on his Facebook page "Help me storm the gates of Rotten Tomatoes. All of you who love Saving Christmas - go rate it at Rotten Tomatoes right now and send the message to all the critics that WE decide what movies we want our families to see. If 2,000 of you (out of almost 2 million on this page) take a minute to rate Saving Christmas, it will give the film a huge boost and more will see it as a result! Thank you for all your help and support in putting the joy of Christ back in Christmas!" This resulted in a massive backlash at the film, and on IMDB people rated this film so low that in just 3 weeks, it beat Disaster Movie for the top spot on the Bottom 100 list and stayed there until it was beaten in 2015 by Code Name K.O.Z. Cameron later blamed this action and response on "haters and atheists".


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