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Spider-Man 3 is a 2007 American superhero film, and is the third and final film in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. It starred Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, J.K. Simmons, Bryce Dallas Howard and Rosemary Harris.

While Spider-Man 3 has been given positive reviews by critics and fans alike, many fans consider this as the weakest film in the trilogy.


A few years have passed since the events of Spider-Man 2 and after the successful defeat of Dr. Octopus, Peter Parker decides to propose to Mary Jane Watson to be his wife. While they are dating, suddenly a meteorite crashes into Central Park, and an extraterrestrial symbiote begins following Peter to his apartment. Meanwhile, a professional criminal named Flint Marko is being pursued by police officers and visits his wife Emma and his daughter Penny, who has cancer. While Peter is on his motorbike, he is attacked by someone who turns out to be Harry Osborn, Peter's best friend, who seeks revenge on him after the his father's death, and uses his father's Green Goblin technology to attack him. Harry crashes out and develops amnesia, which wipes out his memory of Peter as Spider-Man.

Marko is being pursued again by police officers and falls into a particle accelerator that fuses his body with surrounding sand, resulting him to transform into Sandman. When a loose crane smashes through the window of a skyscraper Gwen Stacy, a classmate of Peter, is about to be crushed, but she's saved by Spider-Man.

Bad Qualities

  1. Emo Peter Parker was extremely unlikable, being very arrogant and rude.
  2. The story is weak.
  3. Poor acting, save for Thomas Haden Church, J.K. Simmons and James Franco.
  4. Peter cries more than once, which is extremely annoying.
  5. Certain scenes drag on.
  6. The film seems to focus more on the villains than on our main character, Spider-Man.
  7. The scene where Peter dances is extremely cringe-inducing and does not fit Peter's personality at all.
  8. This movie can get a bit flat, as in the dance scene in the Nightclub, Peter hits Mary Jane in the face (although that was an accident due to the suit controlling Peter). Another example is Harry's butler, Bernard, tell him the truth about his fathers death after taking a bomb in the face by Peter.
  9. Weak and disappointing final battle.
  10. Too little amount of ideas for a movie of this length.
  11. Topher Grace wasn't a very good choice for Eddie Brock, and he bears little resemblance to his comic book counterpart.
  12. Venom gets a small amount of screen time.
  13. Venom looks more like Carnage, and was not big and hulky like his comic book counterpart.
  14. This film ended the Spider-Man trilogy which was suppose to have a spin-off focusing on Venom, and have 2 more sequels.
  15. While heartwarming, the ending sucks.

Good Qualities

  1. Venom's suit is well-designed.
  2. There are some good funny moments here and there.
  3. The action scenes and special effects are decent.
  4. Sandman has a very touching backstory.
  5. The plot twist of what actually happen to Uncle Ben was nicely handled.
  6. Harry's death was extremely emotional.
  7. Cameos from Stan Lee and Bruce Campbell are a nice touch.
  8. The ending is actually pretty heartwarming.

Cancelled Sequel

There were plans for a Spider-Man 4 to be released in the early 2010s, but plans were cancelled since this film received negative feedback from fans. As a result of this, all future Spider-Man films were put on hold until the series was rebooted with The Amazing Spider-Man, which was released in 2012, but starred a different cast and was directed by Marc Webb, and it received a 2014 sequel titled The Amazing Spider-Man 2, before hitting the reset button again by introducing Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2016's Captain America: Civil War, before getting his own movie with 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming.



  • Sam Raimi, the director of the previous films admitted that he was unhappy with the film.
  • According to Grant Curtis, in early production, The Vulture was originally going to be in the movie as the third villain, and Sir Ben Kingsley was involved in negotiations to play the role before the character's story was replaced by Venom. Kingsley later appeared in Iron Man 3 as another classic Marvel villain, The Mandarin. Vulture would finally hit the big screen ten years later in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as played by Michael Keaton.

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