Suicide Squad is a 2016 Superhero crime comedy film based on the DC Comics antihero team of the same name. It is the third installment in the DC Extended Universe.


In the aftermath of Superman's death, intelligence officer Amanda Waller assembles Task Force X, a team of dangerous criminals imprisoned at Belle Reve Prison consisting of elite hitman Deadshot, former psychiatrist Harley Quinn, pyrokinetic ex-gangster El Diablo, opportunistic thief Captain Boomerang, genetic mutation Killer Croc, and specialized assassin Slipknot. Waller intends to use them as expendable goons to face dangerous missions, because of that the group sarcastically called themselves the "Suicide Squad" under Colonel Rick Flag's command. Each member has a nano bomb implanted in their neck, designed to detonate should any member rebel or try to escape.

One of Waller's intended recruits is Flag's girlfriend Dr. June Moone, an archaeologist possessed by a witch-goddess known as the "Enchantress". Enchantress quickly turns on Waller, deciding to eradicate humankind with a mystical weapon for imprisoning her. She besieges Midway City by transforming its populace into a horde of monsters, and summons her brother Incubus to assist her. Waller then deploys the squad to extract a high-profile mark from Midway, which is reported to be under a terrorist attack.

Harley's homicidal lover, the Joker, finds out about her predicament and tortures Belle Reve Security Officer Griggs into leading him to the facility where the nano bombs are made. There, he blackmails Dr. Van Criss into disabling Harley's bomb. On approach, the squad's helicopter is shot down, forcing them to proceed on foot to their target. Boomerang, wanting to find out if Flag isn't bluffing about the nano bombs, tricks Slipknot into trying to escape by convincing him that the bombs are a ruse to keep them in check; Slipknot attempts to escape and Flag kills him via his nano bomb, confirming boomerang's suspicions. The squad is attacked by Enchantress' minions several times until they eventually fight their way through to a safe room, where they learn that their mark is Waller herself, who is attempting to cover up her involvement in Enchantress' siege.

The squad escorts Waller to a rooftop for extraction, but the arriving helicopter has been hijacked by the Joker and his men, who open fire on the squad while Harley climbs aboard upon Dr. Van Criss disarming the bomb. However, Waller's men shoot down the helicopter, and Harley falls out while the Joker is presumed dead, after which Harley rejoins the squad. Alerted to Waller's whereabouts, Enchantress' minions arrive and kidnap her. Deadshot finds Waller's confidential files and learns the truth about Enchantress. Flag is then forced to confess the truth, causing the squad members to abandon him. With Waller compromised, Flag relieves the squad of the mission, but chooses to continue. Realizing they have an opportunity to prove themselves, they soon rejoin him and locate Enchantress at a partially-flooded subway station. Killer Croc and a group of Navy SEALs, led by Lieutenant GQ Edwards, go underwater to plant a bomb underneath Incubus. El Diablo embraces his abilities and distracts Incubus long enough for the bomb to detonate underneath, killing them both as well as Edwards.

The remaining squad members battle Enchantress together, but are ultimately overpowered. Enchantress offers to fulfill their deepest desires in exchange for their allegiance, and Harley feigns interest in order to get close enough to cut out Enchantress' heart. Killer Croc then throws explosives into Enchantress' weapon and Deadshot shoots them, destroying the device. Flag takes Enchantress' heart and crushes it, finally freeing June from the curse. Waller, still alive, emerges, and the squad members are returned to Belle Reve with ten years off their sentences. All but Captain Boomerang are allowed special privileges. The Joker, alive and unscathed, breaks into the penitentiary and rescues Harley.

In a mid-credits scene, Waller meets with Bruce Wayne, who agrees to protect her from the backlash against her role in Enchantress' rampage in exchange for access to the government's files on the expanding metahuman community.

Why It Sucks

  1. A waste of a great concept about a group of super villains teaming up against their will. The idea of having criminals as anti-heroes could've been good, but they just save the world from some generic world ending threat like every other regular superhero.
  2. Due to production problems, the script was written in just 6 weeks. The plot feels very rushed and confusing.
  3. Executive Meddling: Suicide Squad was supposed to be a grim movie similar to the other DC Extended Universe movies, but after the backlash against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the positive reception the Suicide Squad trailers received, Warner Bros. had the studio that made the trailer, which is known mostly for music videos, recut the movie in a very rushed way, resulting in the movie having a very jarring and inconsistent tone.
  4. Abysmal editing that constantly jumps from scene to scene with zero flow as if it were a music video rather than a movie (see above) and makes plot points and supposed twists come out of nowhere or leaves threads completely unresolved.
  5. The main characters are introduced at least three times, while the unimportant characters just randomly appear with zero introduction and barely any backstory. For that matter, most characters in the movie are completely useless and severely underutilized to the point that they feel like afterthoughts. Deadshot, Harley Quinn and El Diablo are the only characters in the entire movie with any sort of character development, there isn't much interaction between the other characters either. Examples include:
    • Slipknot has no character development and dies in less than 10 minutes after his introduction and the start of the Squad's mission.
    • Katana randomly walks in mid-movie, is given a one-sentence backstory by another character, and then does nothing for the rest of the movie.
    • Captain Boomerang only throws THREE boomerangs in the movie, and only one of them comes back after thrown.
    • Rick Flag is a completely generic forgettable soldier whose only trait is that he's dating the Enchantress' human host.
    • Killer Croc's only contribution to the movie is swimming underwater for a few seconds of screen time and often goes for over 20 minutes without a single line of dialogue.
    • There's a prison guard named Griggs who is established as abusive to the Squad members, is foreshadowed to be punished for his abusive actions, but then randomly dispersal with zero payoff.
  6. Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) is a generic and unconvincing villain with a really vague plan.
  7. Major plot holes:
    • The movie tell us the Suicide Squad is formed in order to fight a "threat" but they eventually have to counter Enchantress' plan, who was planned to be part of the squad. Since she rebels only after the squad was already established, we never get to know what the "threat" the Suicide Squad was intended to fight was.
    • Amanda Waller's motivation to create the squad was to have a response against an evil Superman, but almost none of the candidates have any special powers, making them completely unqualified to fight a Superman level threat.
    • The Squad members don't trust anyone and even try to get each other killed at the start of the mission, then randomly become close friends who work as a team with zero build up towards it other than the scene in the bar.
    • Batman and the Flash very clearly appear on-screen fighting crime. Why didn't the superheroes do anything when the Enchantress went rogue, and why didn't Amanda consider recruiting them if she directly said she knew their secret identities?
  8. The Joker was hyped in trailers and advertising, yet he was just a minor character due to most of his scenes being cut in post-production. Jared Leto's portrayal of the Joker was rather underwhelming.
  9. The movie overuses popular songs that often don't fit the situation or tone of the movie.
    • For example: "You don't own me" plays as an introduction for Harley Quinn, even though she wears a jacket labeled "Property of the Joker".
    • At leat 3 different songs are used within the first 10 minutes.
    • It was widely speculated that those songs were shoehorned in because the trailers used them too and were well received and due to the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy.
  10. Despite being convicts, the Suicide Squad members are barely characterized as being affably evil, or even anti-heroic (like Deadpool, released that same year). The characters constantly have to point out that they're evil just to remind the audience that they're evil.
  11. Neon-heavy visuals that don't blend well with the overly dark scenes, most of which take place at night.
  12. Cartoonish-looking CGI.
  13. Harley Quinn's backstory is extremely disturbing for a PG-13 movie.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Both Deadshot and El Diablo have very touching back stories on paper, even if the execution wasn't that great.
  2. The cast is good, with even the often-questioned Jai Courtney delivering an entertaining performance despite the uselessness of his character. Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn was especially well received, even by critics who hated the movie.
  3. Good soundtrack, even if it is often misused.
  4. The ending is heartwarming.
  5. The action is decent.


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