The Amazing Bulk (2010) DVD cover art

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The Amazing Bulk is a ripoff of The Hulk and an incredibly bad movie with horrible editing.

Why it Sucks

  1. It's a ripoff of The Incredible Hulk.
  2. Horrible CGI and lazy editing. This is the result of the entire movie being filmed on a green screen.
  3. The "special effects" are based around stuff that you can find on the internet!
  4. Terrible acting, not helped by the fact that the entire movie was filmed on a green screen; as a result, when they are supposed to be running, they look like they are walking or jogging instead.
  5. Multiple plotholes.
  6. Pointless things in this movie.
  7. The ending makes no sense whatsoever; The Amazing Bulk is chased by aliens, goblins and a flying pug superhero (presumably the villain's pet) as he runs through obvious cartoony environments passing by Robin Hood, Zeus and a gheko on a laptop (before getting nuked), and the movie ends there. Not to mention that scene was stolen from a YouTube video.


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