Titanic Animated

The Legend of the Titanic (Italian: La leggenda del Titanic) is a 1999 Italian animated film directed by Orlando Corradi and Kim Jun Ok. The film is a very loose adaptation of the 1912 RMS Titanic sinking and featured several fantasy elements such as anthropomorphic animals. Much like another Italian animated film about the Titanic, this was heavily criticized, but this film is considered to be much, much worse. It has also received a 2004 sequel, In Search of the Titanic, which is widely seen as being EVEN WORSE than both of the films that came before it!


In modern-day New York City, an old mouse named Conners tells his grandchildren the supposedly "true" story of the RMS Titanic.

In April 1912, Conners was a young sailor mouse on the Titanic's maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York. He is in charge of taking account for the mice who are making the trip. A young mouse from Brazil named Ronny who enjoys playing soccer befriends Conners and Conners falls in love with Ronny's sister Stella.

Meanwhile, a rich aristocratic woman named Elizabeth and her family board the Titanic. Her father is a famous Duke and is very prominent in the whaling business. He and Elizabeth's stepmother have arranged for Elizabeth to marry Mr. Evarard Maltravers, a rich whaler. Unknown to the Duke, the marriage is actually a scheme concocted by his own stepwife and Maltravers to get certain whaling rights for themselves. Elizabeth is unhappy about the marriage. Elizabeth sees several gypsies dancing at the dock and happily watches them. A gypsy man named Don Juan is dancing with his dog Smiley. He notices Elizabeth and sends Smiley to see her. When Elizabeth takes off one of her gloves to pet Smiley, Smiley snatches it and takes it back to Juan. Juan looks at Elizabeth and the two instantly fall in love. The Titanic then sets off to sea from Southampton on her first, and only, voyage.

Conners and Ronny learn all about what's going on with Elizabeth by their observations during their trips throughout the ship's ventilation system. They are appalled by the way Elizabeth is being treated badly and decide to help her. When Elizabeth goes to the bow of the ship one night, some dolphins talk to her due to some magic moonbeams. The dolphins jump very high out of the water and seem to levitate. They tell her of Maltravers's evil scheme. Maltravers's manservant Jeffries spies on Elizabeth's activities and uses a special whistle at the stern of the ship to call a criminal shark named Mr. Ice, ordering him to sink the ship before it can reach New York.

Conners and Ronny introduce themselves to Elizabeth and offer to help her. Listening to their advice, Elizabeth tells her father she doesn't want to marry Maltravers. He listens to his daughter and tells her that he will never force her to do something she doesn't want to do. Meanwhile, Smiley tries to look for Elizabeth to cheer up Juan. After he unsuccessfully tries to find her in the ship's ballroom, he meets Conners and Ronny, who agree to help arrange a meeting and dance for Elizabeth and Juan. The meeting goes according to schedule and Elizabeth and Juan dance and kiss together.

Elizabeth tells her father that she wants to marry Juan, and he agrees, but Elizabeth's stepmother is furious. When Elizabeth tells her stepmother that she should marry Maltravers, she storms off in anger, despite the fact that they both flirt constantly (this might just be the fact that they're scheming together). Elizabeth's stepmother and Maltravers decide to do things drastically now, as it's clear that Elizabeth will not marry him. They decide to sink the Titanic using the help of Mr. Ice and his gang of criminal sharks. Maltravers prepares to send news to his whaling ships by telegraph, and the mice decide to chew apart the wires to stop it from being sent.

Mr. Ice and his gang of sharks decide to let an iceberg sink the Titanic. They fool an octopus named Tentacles into heaving an iceberg to the surface of the ocean by concealing the plan in the form of a bet to see who can throw ice the farthest. On the Titanic, the Duke is forced to sign the whaling rights to Maltravers and his stepwife at gunpoint. Maltravers and his entourage escape the Titanic in a lifeboat.

The crew of the Titanic then see the iceberg and attempt to avoid it, but the Titanic hits the berg anyway, due to the sharks jamming the rudder. The Titanic then quickly begins to sink, and the dolphins berate Tentacles for endangering the hundreds of lives on board the Titanic. Tentacles runs to the Titanic in an attempt to stall for time for the passengers who were still on board the Titanic to escape the ship, including Captain Edward Smith.

The mice realize that because they have cut the telegraph wires, the ship can't send out a call for help. They enlist the help of a French mouse named Camembert to help repair the wires. They are unable to do it, but Camembert gets the idea to attach the halves of the cut wire to his moustache. They do so, but Camembert is apparently electrocuted to death in the process.

Elizabeth and Don Juan manage to save Elizabeth's father, as he was tied up in a chair by Maltravers, and manage to put him on a lifeboat.

Tentacles notices that the Titanic is breaking in two and decides to rise out of the water, wrapping himself around the ship to keep it together as long as possible. Several whales and dolphins arrive to help with the rescue. Elizabeth, Don Juan, Conners, Ronny and Smiley jump off the now-perpendicular stern and jump into the water, and they are saved by a whale as well. Once everyone on the ship has been saved, the Titanic finally sinks, taking Tentacles with it and seemingly crushing him to death, as he was still heroically holding on to it. In the morning, the passengers are taken aboard the RMS Carpathia. Conners mournfully remembers Camembert and Tentacles.

Maltravers and his entourage are seemingly lost at sea, without Mr. Ice to help them and without Maltravers' message having been sent.

The Carpathia arrives in New York and disembarks the passengers. Elizabeth and Don Juan are married, as are Conners and Stella. Suddenly, everyone gets great news. Everyone runs to the Brooklyn Bridge and sees a huge flotilla of whales and dolphins in the harbor. It is revealed that the wonderful news and celebrating are because Tentacles and Camembert have both survived and are well. Everyone is happy and dances in the harbor, congratulating Tentacles for saving everyone in the disaster.

The film ends with old Conners and Stella back in modern-day New York and Conners telling his grandchildren that whales are still being hunted.

Why it Sucks

  1. While the animation is admittedly better than Titanic: The Legend Goes On, there are some errors in the animation. One notable example is that Tentacles is an average-sized octopus when he is underwater, but when he comes to save the Titanic, he is almost as big as the ship itself.
  2. This film is also incredibly similar to Titanic: The Legend Goes On, to the point of having talking mice.
  3. Incredibly insensitive to the people who died on the Titanic. Without saying much, NOBODY DIES. In reality, over 1500 people died as a result of the disaster. At least Titanic: The Legend Goes On had the sense to imply that some people actually died!
  4. The characters never. stop. TALKING.
  5. The movie just makes no sense. Like the magic moonbeams that allow Elizabeth to talk to dolphins and the villain's henchman being able to talk to an evil gang of sharks (which is never explained by the way).
  6. When Elizabeth tells her father that she doesn't want to marry Maltravers with a negative attitude, he says she has to, but later, when she told him again in a polite attitude, he said she didn't have to.
  7. Unlike in both real-life and James Cameron's film, where there wasn't enough room for everyone on the lifeboats, there's room for everyone now. Also, Tentacles saves Captain Smith, even though he actually went down with the ship, both in real-life and the 1997 film.
  8. Two characters (Camembert and Tentacles) seemingly die in the climax of the film, but they are somehow alive in the end, ruining any emotional impact the scenes may have had.
  9. This movie is so annoying and unrealistic that Nostalgia Critic said, "It makes this film (The Legend Goes On) seem more realistic!"
  10. Wooden voice-acting. One notable example would be when Elizabeth says to her father and says, "I have some vital importance for you, daddy." (This was pointed out in WhyBoy's review of the film)
  11. The secondary protagonist, Don Juan, is an extremely creepy man for sniffing Elizabeth's glove.
  12. The main villain, Maltravers, almost sounds like Kiefer Sutherland.