The Little Cars is a Brazilian series of movies made by Video Brinquedo.

Why They All Suck

All of them

  1. Do we even need to say anything about the putrid animation!?
  2. The lip syncing is off.
  3. Kombo's the only character whose mouth doesn't move independently.
  4. Older model changes happen regularly.
  5. The 4Kids actors voice the characters (due to budget constraints).
  6. The whole film series is a rip-off of the Cars film series, which is made by Disney and Pixar.
  7. This series was made by Video Brinquedo, which was criticized by a lot of people because of the company's unoriginal ideas, and mockbusters of comparable films from Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios, Hasbro, and Sony Pictures Animation.


  1. The names of the cars are different from the rest of the movies. (Tony is Cruise, Kombo is Lugnut, Cruise is only referred to as The Champ, Cris Crash is Coupe, etc.)
  2. Lugnut's line about Cruise's crush is so similar to the scene in the real movie that they would have seen it in a trailer of the film.
  3. Sexual scenes and euphemisms regarding car anatomy.


  1. The race track looks similar to cheap snow.
  2. Cheating. The Champ lets Tony win on purpose, even if the others say he won it fair and square.


  1. The trackprint identity system has tracks that look the same. (probably due to the budget)


  1. Insulting foreign cars? Really?
  2. The ghost car was Mr. V8. Why didn't anyone think that he was the ghost?


  1. Hidden references to another movie created by Video Brinquedo is the horrendously cheap version of Pixar's references to their other movies.

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