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Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a 1992 American animated musical buddy comedy film produced and directed by Phil Roman and released in Germany by Turner Pictures and in United States by Miramax Films and LIVE Entertainment. It is a feature-length film starring the characters from the Tom and Jerry series and their first and (so far) only one to receive a wide theatrical release.


The popular cartoon cat and mouse are thrown into a feature film. The story has the twosome trying to help an orphan girl named Robyn find her father, who is being berated and exploited by a greedy guardian named Aunt Figg and a butler named Mr. Lickboot, who are looking for her to get the $1 million bounty on her.

Why it Sucks

  1. Probably the most infamous part about this film is that the titular characters, Tom and Jerry, actually talk in this movie, despite being famous for not having any dialogue in the classic shorts. To say fans were angered by this is the understatement of the century and is the main reason why everyone does not like this movie. It should be noted that while they did have speaking lines in the shorts, those were usually few and far between (especially in Jerry's case, as he rarely has any speaking lines).
  2. Somewhat misleading title. While Tom and Jerry are that main characters and do get a fair amount of screen time, the film mainly focuses on Robyn Starling, an orphan girl who is looking for her father while trying to escape from her guardian (Aunt Figg) and butler (Mr. Lickboot), who are looking for her because she is worth a lot of money.
  3. Despite what the box art shows, Tom and Jerry don't really chase each other that much, as after the first musical number, they become "friends". Mostly during the opening and ending do we actually see them chasing each other.
  4. There's this dog named Pugsy and a little flea named Frankie, who (apart from helping Tom and Jerry talk, setting up the first musical number, and helping them become friends) are both pointless as they don't do much other than being filler.
  5. Also after that scene, there's a gang of ally cats that yell at Tom for being friends with Jerry, who is a mouse, they think that cat and mouse should be enemies. Other then be there for another musical number (which keep in mind, that scene with Pugsy and Frankie earlier already had a musical number), they too don't serve any real purpose other then be filler, and after Jerry saves Tom by opening a sewer pip that causes the ally cat gang to fall in, they are never seen or heard of ever again.
  6. As if numbers 4 and 5 couldn't annoy you, there are numerous bad musical numbers (There are a total of 6 musical numbers), most of which come out of nowhere with no real rhyme or reason and just drag on and on (though Robyn's song is pretty well done).
  7. The villains of the movie have some pretty strange names. For example, Aunt Figg, Mr. Lickboot and Doctor Applecheeks. In the Critic's words, they sound more like "abstract fetishes".
  8. Laughable dialogue from most of the characters (Most notably Mr. Lickboot's line: "We've got to have... Money!", which is definitely what was going through the filmmaker's heads when they greenlit this movie).
  9. The design of Robyn's father bears an uncanny resemblance to Indiana Jones (to the point where the Nostagia Critic referred to him as such in his review of the movie).
  10. There's also a fat dog with a skateboard (who is the pet of Aunt Figg and Mr. Lickboot) who sounds like Gollum, who has some slapstick happen to him, rather than Tom and Jerry (both who are very popular for their slapstick comedy in the shorts).
  11. There are scenes that might be too unsettling for younger viewers, or even some older viewers. one notable example is the scene where Dr. Applecheeks is slowly approaching an Ice Cream cart with an extremely creepy smile on his face. It's EXTREMELY creepy both in and out of context.
  12. This film is also somewhat mean-spirited, as EVERYONE tries to kidnap Robin to get money. There's even a scene were a captain with a parrot sailor puppet saves Robin from a boat accident, cares for her and even helps her find her father, only for for him to trap her in a freaking Ferris Wheel because he saw the reward Aunt Figg offered for Robyn's return (Lickboot himself pointed out that people will do anything for money). Poor Robin, she just wants to find her father.
  13. This film can also get somewhat dark at times as well. An example is in the climax where it looks like Tom and Jerry fell and got killed in the fiery cabin when they saved Robin (Of course, both Tom and Jerry survive).
  14. Poor plot that shamelessly rips off Disney's The Rescuers and Oliver & Company.
  15. Despite this being a Tom and Jerry movie, none of the other characters from the original Tom and Jerry show (like Spike, Butch, Nibbles, etc.) appear in this film at all, and while Droopy does appear in the film (you can clearly see him on the DVD box art), he only has one line of dialogue, is only shown once in Dr. Applecheek's lab, and is never seen or heard from again.
  16. Somewhat poor grasp of the original source material, with Tom and Jerry not chasing each other, Robyn getting some what more screen time then Tom and Jerry, and no characters from the original classics (excliding droopy) being in this movie, nothing in this movie really screams Tom and Jerry, it feels more like an animated movie about a cat and a mouse trying to help Robyn find her father.
  17. Aunt Figg’s physical appearance and personality is a rip-off of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nice animation.
  2. Tom and Jerry are silent for the first few minutes of the film.
  3. A clever in-joke referencing Tom and Jerry's creators.
  4. The voice acting is pretty great.
  5. While not as good as the original classics, there are some good funny moments here and there.
  6. Robyn's song is nice and touching.
  7. The ending is very heartwarming.
  8. This is one of the first Tom and Jerry movies to be made, and since this film's release, it has gained many, many, MANY follow up sequel films, and to say, they are miles better and are worth watching.


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Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On The Tom and Jerry Movie

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