872960-uwe boll finger

Uwe giving the finger to the gamers who said that his movies ruined the games for them.

Uwe Boll (born June 22, 1965) is a German director, producer and screenwriter based in Canada, whose work includes several films adapted from video games. He finances his own films through his Boll KG and Event Film Productions production companies. Many of his films are produced on low budgets and receive highly negative reviews from critics and gamers alike when released. (except for Tunnel Rats and Rampage which the critics actually gave mainly positive reviews).

List of films he directed

  1. House of the Dead (yet another good candidate for his worst movie.)
  2. Alone in the Dark (his first film to receive a page in this wiki, probably his worst)
  3. BloodRayne (Also a good candidate for his worst movie)
  4. BloodRayne 2: Deliverance
  5. Postal
  6. Alone in the Dark II
  7. Far Cry
  8. BloodRayne: The Third Reich
  9. Seed
  10. In the Name of the King
  11. Stoic
  12. Tunnel Rats (unlike his other movies, critics say this movie is actually pretty good)
  13. Blubberella
  14. Rampage (like Tunnel Rats, this movie received positive reviews from critics)
  15. Assault on Wall Street
  16. In the Name of the King 2
  17. In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission
  18. Heart of America

Why His Films Sucked

  1. He mostly directs video-game-adapted films, purely to avoid coming up with new scripts.
  2. Poor connection to the source material.
  3. Poor acting.
  4. Over-use of sex scenes.
  5. Bad effects.
  6. He exercises German tax loopholes that reward his investments into the movie, even if they totally bomb. So if the movie loses money, the investor got a tax write-off. When the loopholes were removed, people stopped investing in Boll.
  7. He himself is also known for challenging his critics to boxing matches and beating them to a pulp (this was so jarring, a film entitled Raging Boll was made about exactly this.)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He has a German restaurant called Bauhaus that sells some great German food.
  2. Rampage is by far his best work.

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