Video Brinquedo

Vídeo Brinquedo (translated as Toyland Video, though it actually means Toy Video) is a Brazilian animation studio, located in São Paulo, that produced low-budget, direct-to-video animated films widely viewed as mockbusters of comparable films from Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, DreamWorks Animation, 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios and Hasbro. Effectively, it is the animation version of The Asylum. The company was founded in 1994 to distribute children's animation with the intention of distribution in its home market of Brazil, as well as to other global markets.


Why Their Movies Suck

  1. Poor 3D rendering of characters and backgrounds.
  2. Ugly, lazy, and terrible CGI animation.
  3. Most of the CGI movies are considered mockbusters/rip-offs of the original kids' movies created by the respective companies.
  4. Generic-looking title card in most films.
  5. Lackluster plots.
  6. Unfunny moments.
  7. Terrible writing that tried to be faithful to the original.
  8. Loads of padding.
  9. Cringeworthy dialogue.
  10. All the projects produced are poorly edited, poorly acted, poorly written, poorly made, poorly executed, and poorly everything.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The voice acting is okay, as most of the voice actors who were cast for the English dub tried putting some effort in. However, the cast usually chosen for the dubs weren't big voice actors like Tom Kenny, Tara Strong, Rob Paulsen or Jim Cummings, it was the same cast used for dubbing animes into English by 4Kids Entertainment, but they still did put in some great effort, especially Dan Green and Mike Pollock.
  2. Gladiformers, although a rip-off of Transformers, could be considered the best product to come out of Video Brinquedo. The movie tried to give the characters more dimension than that of the other movies, by adding backstories. It does not mean it is good, as it suffers from the many bad qualities that your average Video Brinquedo movie would have.